didn't feel the standard of the equipment warranted the prices charged. however I guess in this type of market you would consider yourself to competitive. I think they were probably the wrong products to choose as we saw little interaction from the public but that is down to our choice so is not a downfall on your part. all in all nice people to deal with but I probably wouldn't use again as for the cost the payback was poor. – Please write a quick testimonial telling us about the great experience you have had with The Fun Experts?

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23 Jul 13 Add public reply

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    I am sorry to hear this about your event and I know that Sunny has discussed this with you today. The equipment you collected from the office (Connect 4, Jenga and Hand Buzzwire) was all new this year so it was a shame that it did not have the impact expected during the five days. We hope to work with you again and will work hard to ensure the package is perfect for your budget.

    Fil Hamilton –