Once we had a price, everything was first class. We really don't like the system where we have to get in touch and give our budget before you'll consider talking money. Other than that, everything else was excellent thank you – Please write a quick testimonial telling us about the great experience you have had with The Fun Experts?

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  • 3/10 – Before your event, were you happy with the service you received whilst enquiring, booking and arranging your event?
  • 8/10 – How would you rate our Fun Experts on the day of your event?
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10/05/2019 Add public reply

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    Thank you for your feedback. I'm pleased that you had a great day and the equipment was enjoyed by all your guests. Our fun experts on the day have commented on what a fantastic event it was and that everyone had a great time.

    As we discussed on booking your event, we always like to speak directly to our customers as we offer our services nationally and no two events are the same; then we can give a bespoke package price based on your individual needs, which I’m glad we’ve been able to do in this instance.

    We look forward to working with you again soon and give you another first class event!

    Fil Hamilton –